A digilog support system

Teambook is a digital support system for analog processes.
Here they can be extended, clarified, followed up and worked with in more depth.

By that we mean that Teambook does not create a development process by itself.
But, it is a powerful support system for a broad array of development processes carried out today - processes that perhaps aren't followed up entirely.

Many people are experienced in having worked intensively with development issues in management and work teams - issues that have just ebbed out.
This is what Teambook prevents.

A strong support for HR and consultants

Today, Teambook is used internally by a wide range of organizations - but also by consultants who choose to follow up and add to their workflow.
Teambook is usually used in an effort to improve achievement. It could be development of a work group or management team, where they decide on a series of improvements.
Teambook then follows up and supports that change. Over time. And digitally, which makes it cost effective.
Teambook "fills up" with more support and more content, and makes sure the process moves from the conference room to practice.

Teambook also works well as a support system in education and practice scenarios.
Then Teambook can be loaded with Tasks, which deal with every-day behaviour and they are followed up by discussions and reflections.
The fact that everone is the group sees each other, increases motivation.

The team's action in Teambook reflects reality. The ones who are active in Teambook are active in real life.
This also gives the consultant a chance to monitor the team at a distance and support along the road of development, instead of waiting for a follow-up many months later.

Not everyone has Teambook

In order to have access to use Teambook as a support system for development, licensing is needed.
Every organization - consultant or regular - owns their own Teambook with a unique address.
An organization can either own and manage their own Teambook, or manage it with the help of a licenced consultant.

This means that an organization can monitor their statistics, create user safety through their own branding of Teambook and own their own information.

The pricing model for Teambook is either that you have a subscription for as many teams you see fit, or pay per team and month.

Teambook is based on every team/group. There you have all the transparency.
No information is shared between different teams or groups.

With the Personal Data Assistant Agreement (Personuppgiftsbiträdesavtal) the handling of data is regulated so that it adheres to Swedish law.

Open courses and certifications

We want more people to contribute to sustainable and effective team development. We want people to shine and deliver - just because they work in a smarter way.

That is why we have on-going open courses and certifications.

We will soon be back with the Spring dates.

Please contact us to find out more!

Internal certification

Are there many of you who would like to start to work in the digilog way and support development processes with Teambook and/or Mebook?
Then we can carry out internal certification at your workplace, which means that you will get access to your own Teambook and/or Mebook, for immediate use.
The pros are several: We can focus on just the processes you want to support in your line of business and primarily stick to the questions you want to work with. This is a bit different from an open certification.

Please contact us to find out more!