Services that drive development forward

Teambook is packed with services that trigger development.
They are tailor-made and adjusted to each team's individual needs.
Teambook is available in three languages: Swedish, English and Norwegian.

One of the services is push services, which automatically provide the team with triggers that deal with following up or taking action:

Follow-ups - follow up what the team needs to measure.
Tasks - can be tailor-made to fit what a particular team needs to work with.
Tips - things for each team member to reflect on.
Feed School - for teams that wish to establish a strong feedback culture.
The Dialogue - supports trust and openness in all relationships within the team.

Other services support the team in their everyday life:
Share - a mini forum where all team members can share tips and reflections.
Today's Praise -inspires a more positive attitude and generates the best e-mail of the day: "You have been Praised!"

A scientifically validated measurement method are the GDQ surveys (requires GDQ licensing) that can be performed in Teambook.

It is also possible to monitor the development of the whole organization by using Statistics.
Services in Teambook are posted as smart flows, which are described in this video.
That kind of automation makes it easy to coach a team.