Öresundskraft was one of the first businesses in the world to adopt an effective grip on team culture.
With Teambook they have changed a 100-year-old business culture into being future-oriented, customer-focused and creative.
- When we started only a third of our teams worked as effectively co-operative teams. Now when we finish our latest measurements, we have excellent figures: 86 per cent of our work groups are teams, says Ann-Marie Hansson HR manager at Öresundskraft.

At the international conference on team development in Philadelphia in 2013, Öresundskraft was presented as "best practice".

Here is a case study which describes what they - with a very little effort, but with Teambook support - have done in order to reach their level of development:
Livsmedelsverket, whose mission is to create an interest in foods, face a lot of future challenges, just like many others.
Their way of facing these challenges is to go for a team-oriented organization, and to make the teams deliver even more of efficiency, quality and well-being.
Here the HR department has used Teambook as a long-term support system for their team development.
ICA-skolan, which are the ones who push organization and leader development, use both Teambook and Mebook in their daily business.
- At ICA Skolan we work with supporting leaders and their teams to make them high-performing in order to reach business goals, says Kent Vikström.
- It is important for us to follow up and ensure that our support effort shows some sort of result. Here Teambook is an amazing digital tool that gives managers and employees the possibility to monitor their own development.
- It is very important, since the main part of the learning happens during an ordinary workday. We prioritize giving managers and teams a good base to work systematically with their development in a fruitful way. That is why we have chosen Teambook.

International studies give evidence

There is a long line of international and national studies that point at the effect of making teams co-operate in a better way.
Efficiency increases. Well-being increases. Quality increases.

Here are two summaries of many studies, which show the difference between immature and mature teams' deliveries.

TB Scientific studies.pdf (87.59 K)

TB Results, quality and well-being.pdf (78.96 K)
In 2015 when the Fastigo Prize was awarded, Helsingborgshem received an honorable mention for the fantastic work they have done with high-performing teams.
During several years they have worked actively with team development for all teams in their entire organization, work that has been followed up with Teambook.

Today Helsingborgshem has an average co-operation efficiency among the top 15 per cent - compared to ALL Swedish teams.
"Teambook fits us like a hand in glove in terms of how we work with team development at SEB."
Those are the words of Staffan Åkerblom, Head of Leadership & Organizational Development at SEB, one of many organizations that use Teambook to really make sure the decided changes take place. In everyday life.
Paf, a company from Åland with 400 employees all across Europe, contributed with 21 million EUR for socially useful projects last year.
The profit comes from gambling business at casinos and on ships.
At Paf they have focused a lot on team development.
- Teambook gives us an amazing opportunity to keep team development up to date, and to be continous. This means that team development is "owned" by the teams themselves, not the HR manager.
- At the same time, we at the HR department can have a great overview of all Paf teams' development, says Petra Heinonen.