Teambook Facilitation Certification

We have a broad experience in effective team development.
We're happy to share that experience with you.

Teambook is an effective tool when following up a development effort.
But how do you do that as well as possible?

We have gathered years of team development experience in what we call TeamTrainer.
It is a two-day intense workshop on the art of tutoring effective team development "in the room".

- Which key questions pay off the most?
- How can you make a team develop with just a one-day course?
- Does the team leader need extra support?
- What is important in a management team?

Let us tailor the approach to the way you work that benefits you the most.

A CHRO described the difference in a clear way: ”Before, I gave the team the recipe for how they could become better. With this method we are having a look at the recipe, cook the food together, and I can watch them enjoying the meal."